The killer Morning Routine for success

OK, like so many of us I have struggled with so many hindrances. Many aspects of myself has kept me away from achieving my goals and starting the journey towards living the life I always wanted.

My biggest struggle has always been fighting off my procrastinating habits. I would know I have something to do and for some reason I would always leave it to the very last moment. Or, I would create goals and struggle like hell to achieve them because I couldn’t get a clear handle on my daily behaviours to allow myself to achieve my goals. I have always had all these dreams, aspirations and goals; but year in and year out, I seldom achieved any of them.

Finally it hit me, I needed discipline and structure. I realised that I needed to take control of my life. I know, all of what I have just said sounds super boring, but I am only writing this post because I know I am not alone. I know there are many people out there like myself. I believe the lack of structure is what keeps so many of us from going after the life we want. We just sit and day dream. We look at others who appear to be living our dreams and wish it were us.

Following this realisation I decided to make a change. I needed to find a consistent way to reward myself, feel good, energized, happy and relaxed.

I searched for solutions and tried out a few until I settled upon five.

So here they are:

  1. The Morning Pages – So, for those who don’t know, The Morning Pages is an old book written by Julia Cameron. I stumbled upon this book and it’s idea of a stream of consciousness writing. I have been following the principles of this book, mainly the morning pages, for the last 4 months and it has been amazing. I started off writing my morning pages and about two weeks ago I finally got the book. As I read this book, I uncovered a few other intriguing principles designed to help me improve myself, such as the Artist’s Date, (I will get more into the details of this book and what it entails and the morning pages in a separate blog post). However, in a nutshell, the morning pages is the second thing I do after I am awake. I write all that’s on my mind and start my day with a clear head. I have found this to be such a great stress reliever. PS – I do not spend more than 10 minutes at a time on my morning pages.
  2. Lemon Water – So here I substitute lemon for lime from time to time. However, I have found that having a nice cool glass of sparkling lemon water in the mornings, soon after I awake, to be super refreshing and it really jump starts my body. I mean, after all I went for seven hours without drinking anything.
  3. Getting up early – there are some people who get up at 9 am and I am not judging, but I find my body goes into limp mode when I awake too late. So unless it’s the end of the week and I want to be in limp mode, I get up at 5 am. However, I also go to bed at 10 pm on weeknights as well. I gotta get those hours in.
  4. Ten Minute Meditation – After I am done writing my morning pages, I dive into some meditation. Now, I heard about meditation a long tine ago but I was a skeptic, I wasn’t sure what it was but it sure as hell didn’t sound appealing to me. So I never bothered to dive deeper. However, I have recently really gotten into meditation, especially those designed for peace and love as well as mindfulness meditation practices. There is a sweet app I use for this called headspace. I never spend more than 10 minutes here either.
  5. Ten Minute Yoga – I practiced yoga on and off for years but I was never this committed. I usually just get a short video from you tube or I set a timer for 10 minutes and I do some stretches. Yoga really helps with both mind and body. It helps to loosen up those tight muscles as well as clear my head for the upcoming day.

All three of these practices combined has really changed my life over the past few months. I am much more calm and I think much more clearer because I am calm.

I have also been able to streamline my goals in a way that seems more achievable. I get a lot done throughout the course of a single day without feeling overwhelmed and I usually can’t wait to settle into my night-time routine and start a new day. (More on my night-time routine in another post).

In any given day I am able to cook, clean, do laundry, look after my 17 month old son, keep up with social media by creating content and now writing blog posts. I also pick up side jobs such as writing and voice over gigs.

Thanks for reading and continue to strive for what you want.😊😊

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