How to achieve your goals in 2019

How many times have we set out to achieve a goal only for that goal to end up in the goals’ graveyard like so many others? Customarily, we start the new year with a resolution. I don’t know if this is supposed to be a thing or not, but most of us do this with the intent of starting a new year on a positive note.

How many times have you ever achieved any of your resolutions or goals? Not that many I am sure. I have often found this to be the same for me. I would come up with great ideas. “Oh, I think I will do this, or I want to start this,” has been me for many years. Until one day I realised my personal and professional lives and my relationships weren’t growing nearly as fast as my actual age. Then I had this moment when I mentally fast-forwarded my life, pictured myself at forty in exactly the same position as I was in at twenty-five. This realisation sucked.

I decided I needed to do something about my procrastinating ways. My lazy ways had to go. Hence I came up these few things that have worked for me to help me achieve my goals, which I am now going to share with you.

So without further ado, here they are:

  1. Just keep swimming – I once heard this somewhere, I believe it was in a movie or a book. Essentially, what this means for me is to keep going. So once I start something, I may take a break, as I should, re-analyse the situation and my progress and continue. I continue either along the same path or I switch things up a bit or entirely depending on the feedback and interest I have been receiving. This ensures I never spend too much time on something that may never bear fruit and it also ensures I that I get closer to achieving my goal.
  2. Write them down – Once I come up with a goal I want to achieve, I first bring them into fruition by writing them down. This step takes my goal from just a mere dream or idea and makes it more real. Writing it down sets the pace for it to be achieved. It’s no longer an idea in my head, it is now an idea I can look at to remind myself where I am heading. It serves as a form of motivation.
  3. Look at your daily behaviours – Now a lot of people set out to achieve goals and that’s great. But, they fall off. I am sure you know of that person who starts off with so much zest and then all of a sudden, nothing. Yeah, with great shame I admit, that was me at once. I found the key to achieving my goals was to stay committed to the process. Every day when you awake, ask yourself, what can I do today to take me closer to achieving my goal? It’s your behaviour that matters. Take for example You want to lose weight, instead of saying I want to lose 20 pounds in 3 months. Say instead, from now on I will stop eating after 8 pm, I will consume fewer sodas and ice-creams, I will start working out xxx time(s) per week; all of this to take me closer to becoming 20 pounds lighter. When you jump on the scale and you see that you have lost 2 lbs or 5 lbs, the feeling of accomplishment will be great. But if you do it the other way, when you see you have lost 2 or 5 lbs, you think sh*t, I got 15 lbs more to go, and how long has it been since my keto diet? Damn 6 weeks! jeez, I am not sure this is working because in 3 months I would have only lost 4 to 10 pounds. This sucks…” and guess what? you fall off. As T.D Jakes said, “…they want the promotion without the process…” It just doesn’t work like that. Forget the fads that make you spend your money. The truth is, everything takes a lot of time and effort. PS: You don’t have to have three things listed as steps you want to take towards achieving your goals. You can have 1 or 20. Just do you.
  4. Have routines – For years I regarded myself as a spontaneous person and really, that’s who I am. It’s great to be spontaneous in your love life and with your kids etc. But when it comes to seriousness and growth, routines are the way to go. In order to achieve your goals, you need to be consistent. To achieve anything in life, consistency is the key. Why do you think doctors tell you to take your pills at a certain time each day? It is because they want you to see results. When you go back to them claiming no results, the first question they ask is, did you take your pills on time? The moral of the story is, you need to have a list of things you do religiously on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to help you achieve your goals.

So that’s all for now. I will do another post on this topic another time. For now xoxox!

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