How I remain confident and look my best – Good brands on a budget

So let’s face it, makeup and skincare are a big deal for us women. Whether we want to admit it or not, good skin and good looks are major confidence boosters.

I heard some women say that they do not wear makeup, and girl, not a problem, you do you boo😁.

However, I believe some of us do go wrong with makeup. For example: make up has been made to accentuate or highlight our focal points, making what’s beautiful about us even more beautiful.

But, some women just go way overboard. My motto is a little goes a long way and this is my #1 tip for saving on makeup.

My second tip is to get subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are a big thing right now, it’s how companies are marketing their products.

Generally, these companies require you to enter your payment information into their website and you are charged a monthly fee from anywhere between $10 to $20 monthly.

Or alternatively you can pay via a payment processing system such as pay pal – which is generally a safer alternative for those who are skeptics.

Now personally I am not a fan of those boxes that deliver sample- sized products. I tried a few and I didn’t find that they were worth my while.

Presently I use three boxes, the first one being Boxycharm. This box gives you 4 to 5 full-sized items monthly for $21. The items in this box range from skincare to makeup. Check out my instagram to have a look at some of the products they provide.

Now if you are looking for a cheaper option, here are two alternatives to Boxycharm:

YesOhyes – This subscription sells for $14.99 monthly. You get 3 to 7 full-sized items. If you are interested in this box then you can get 10% off your first box, just click the link here (YesOhYes) and enter code YOY at checkout.

Alternatively you can even go cheaper for your full-sized subscriptions. At FACE SUGAR you pay $12 monthly for 2 to 3 full-sized items. Here you also get a discount. If you enter code SUGAR 10 at checkout, you get $1 off your first box

The important thing to remember with these types of services and these sites that I have mentioned in specific, is that you can cancel and renew as much times as you would like.

So, you can purchase once and never again or you can purchase bi-annually or whatever suits you.

I am always open to new suggestions, so if you are reading and you know of other services you would like me to try out, please feel free to let me know in the comments. If you are not already subscribed to my blog, please do, so we can stay in touch. 😊

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